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Are you a person of African descent who’s faced racism in the workplace, or related to getting a job? Or, have you witnessed or heard racism against people of African descent in the workplace? Whether it was from a boss, a co-worker, a customer or someone else, we want to hear your story.

Tell us what happened in 300 words or less. Please do not include any information that could identify you or anyone involved. This is your story, so you may tell it however you want, but you may wish to include details like:

– why you thought what happened was racist

– how it made you feel

– if you said anything about it and how people responded

Once you submit your story, we will check it for spelling, grammar and clarity. If there are any changes we will send you the edited version before publishing.

Send us your stories us using the form below, or by writing to Both your name and the name of your employer with be kept anonymous.